Pandit Prem Kumar Mallick is one of the most prominent Dhrupad vocalists of his generation alive today. Endowed with a rich, soulful and powerful voice he has stolen the hearts of music lovers throughout the world. His training in Dhruvpad- Dhammar started at an early age under the guidance of his guru & father late Pt. Vidur Mallick, renowned Dhrupad Vocalist. Pandit Prem Kumar Mallick belongs to the illustrious musical family of Darbhanga Gharana (tradition) and represents the 12th generation of musicians from his family that has produced many musical masters. According to him ‘Music is worship’: music expresses the feelings that words cannot, it’s a Devine gift of god given to the mankind.

”After hearing this group, I feel that there is nothing else in this world that I need to experience…”

David Toop, Ocean of Sound

“An essential item for any representative collection of Indian music”

Richard Widdess, Yearbook of Traditional Music